What’s going on at Kyloring Housing Co-op?

By Eugenie Stockmann – Development Manager, Co-operation Housing

Centrally located within the Witchcliffe Ecovillage, Kyloring Housing Co-operative will be a pocket neighbourhood of shared facilities and 25 private homes, designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, accessibility, and social connections, for successful ageing in place.

UPDATE: Members and explorers gathered in Witchcliffe on 2-3 September for our bi-annual get-together with some attendees even travelling over from the east coast for the event. The Kyloring community is growing, and these weekends are a great opportunity to get to know one another better, to discuss the development and how we will manage it, well before we move into our new homes. 

On this weekend, we discussed our participation agreement, unit pricing, eligibility, and selection. In true co-housing style, our weekend gatherings always include a shared meal with music and games this time too.

Kyloring’s mission is: “Building a harmonious community rich in beauty, creativity, stimulation and fulfilment, co-designed and managed by residents committed to ageing well, sharing our knowledge and experiences, caring for each other and the natural environment.”

The approved plans for our community were designed by H+H Architects, together with future residents, following co-housing principles and comprise 25 individual units, plus shared facilities, including a common house. 

Co-operation Housing purchased the land for Kyloring Housing Co-operative in May this year and, together with the co-operative, now works towards construction finance and commencement. 

Kyloring offers non-speculative, not-for-profit housing to its members. Co-operation Housing has been granted funding, which enables the co-operative to rent out eight of the homes to eligible social housing tenants. Residents of the remaining 17 dwellings are expected to cover all costs associated with their dwelling. 

We invite you to attend an information session to learn more about how you can get involved and support this project. Visit https://kyloring.coop/