Exclusive supplier deals for Ecovillage residents

Exclusive supplier deals for Ecovillage residents 1

As previously announced in our October newsletter, we have been liaising and negotiating with a raft of leading suppliers to be able to offer exclusive deals and the best pricing on exceptional sustainable products and services for Ecovillage residents. You can find a list of the suppliers offering deals here.

As these deals are available only to Ecovillage residents, we are not able to advertise them publicly. In some cases, it is your builder or designer / architect who will need to contact the suppliers to order on your behalf.

So, to ensure all relevant parties have access to this information and we can keep it up-to-date easily, we have created a separate password-protected page on our website just for supplier deals, which Ecovillage lot purchasers and their building team can access.

This secure page will contain all the current deals we have sourced for Ecovillage residents including any downloadable marketing flyers, price lists or catalogues the suppliers may have given us, as well as contact information.

We will send this link and password to confirmed lot purchasers and builders in separate emails this week.


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Cluster 1A Lot 1


Lot Number: 1
Stage: 1
Lot Type: Cottage
Lot Size: 456m²
Lot Dimensions: 11.26 x 30 x 15.5 x 25.76 x 6
Exclusive Use Garden Area (EUA) Size: 115m²
Total Area (Lot + EUA): 571m²

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