Stage 1 Update – July 2019

As I write, the sun is shining; gifting its warmth and light to plants, animals and humans alike. Sitting on the verandah at lunchtime, the Ecovillage team is is thoroughly enjoying the temporary reprieve from winter’s rain and chill.

But it’s that glorious rain that is rapidly filling our magnificent new dams, now complete and looking resplendent in the sparkling sunshine. A bypass pipe has been fitted on the northern dam and a temporary solution is operational on the southern dam so that creek flows will continue as the dams fill. The Ecovillage is now drought-proofed!

If you’ve been past the Ecovillage site lately, you’ll have seen the new earth bunds (linear mounds of dirt running parallel to Bussell Highway) that will serve as an acoustic and visual barrier for future residents. These bunds have now been planted out with a mix of native shrubs and trees and seeded with a clover cover crop. Read more about the landscape design progress here.

The ground of the future avocado orchard near the wastewater treatment plant site in the south west corner has also been mounded and planted with cover crops in preparation for future planting.

Wastewater agreement signed

The project recently reached a significant milestone with the signing of a crucial service agreement between the Ecovillage developers and Tony Johansen of TMC Witchcliffe, a subsidiary of TMC Australasia, which will become our licensed waste water service provider. This private company has been created specifically for the Witchcliffe Ecovillage project and will be the owner and operator of the Ecovillage sewerage scheme and wastewater treatment plant. TMC Witchcliffe will have the same role and responsibilities as the Water Corporation under the Water Services Act and will be regulated by the ERA.