Release of Stage 1 Lot Pricing


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So much more than a block of land…

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage is far from a standard residential subdivision. If you’re considering buying a residential lot in the Ecovillage, we want to ensure you understand you’re buying a lot more than simply a piece of dirt on which to build a house.

Our goal has always been to be as sustainable as possible while doing our utmost to keep lot prices affordable and the Ecovillage accessible to everyone.

To that end, we have included many sustainability features into the residential lot price and are sourcing significant bulk discounts on mandatory items like world leading solar panels, heat pumps and rainwater tanks. For example, we have done a deal to buy our PVs direct from German solar manufacturer SolarWatt who have the world’s leading 30-year PV warranty. We’re able to purchase these and pass them on direct to households for 74 cents per watt (including GST).

What’s included in the price for Ecovillage lots in Stage 1?

  • Exclusive Use Garden Area (EUA) – every lot (Family, Cottage and Groupie) has access to its own irrigated EUA in the adjacent community garden ranging in size from approximately 65sqm to 250sqm.
  • Access to affordable, abundant, clean water supply / irrigation for community gardens, EUAs and streetscaping from the Ecovillage dams.
  • Free connection to your cluster’s solar microgrid.
  • Free connection to your cluster’s 232kWh Tesla Powerpack battery, which enables self-sufficiency in renewable energy.
  • 50kW Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charger provided in every cluster.
  • Sufficient excess solar energy produced to provide the average household with the ability to charge an EV for local daily use.
  • NBN Fibre to each home.
  • Share of approximately 1ha of central community garden and all its facilities including a community building / tool shed / meeting place, netted orchard and children’s play area.
  • Share of 42.95ha of Ecovillage Commons (land owned collectively by Ecovillage residents), which includes three dams, irrigated agroforestry area to provide mulch to the community gardens, 3ha of irrigated avocado orchard, and beautiful bushland and riparian conservation zones. This equates to approximately 50% of the entire Ecovillage development in open space and community gardens.
  • Free connection to community-scale Ecovillage sewerage service and on-site infrastructure, which means there’s no need to purchase a $15,000 stand-alone septic system as required elsewhere in Witchcliffe.
  • Free access to professional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software by eTool to ensure every Ecovillage home complies with the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Sustainability Building Design Guidelines and is as sustainable as possible (low embodied energy and carbon negative). Every house will be able to undergo an LCA free of charge.
  • Bulk purchase discounts provided by the developer (Sustainable Settlements) for key sustainability features such as solar panels, rainwater tanks, locally milled plantation hardwood, etc.
  • Sustainability Building Design Guidelines and the advice of our Ecovillage Design Team to help you build a sustainable, carbon negative home.
  • Every house in the Ecovillage is required to meet Silver Liveable House standards to ensure accessibility for all.

More benefits of Ecovillage life

There are countless intangible benefits to living in a resilient, caring, environmentally-conscious community surrounded by like-minded people. Indeed, this social capital is one of the driving forces behind the entire Ecovillage concept, which embraces the whole Witchcliffe community and the wider region. That’s why the Ecovillage is not just for residents; we’re also providing an incredible array of public amenities.

  • A dedicated Village Square with tavern, cafe, backpackers, community hall, Creative Hub, adjacent commercial lots and Food Hub that will ensure employment opportunities and future amenity to Ecovillage residents and the wider community.
  • Landscaped winter creeks / living streams flowing throughout the Ecovillage collecting stormwater for re-use in the Ecovillage dams.
  • Ecovillage Public Open Space including the Village Square, playing fields and playground is being built up-front in Stage 1.
  • Pedestrian, bike, pram and wheelchair friendly path networks throughout the Ecovillage.
  • Productive landscaping on verges wherever possible throughout the Ecovillage.

Download the Stage 1 community garden cluster plans and lot pricing lists via the buttons below. Alternatively, click on these links to view the interactive plans of clusters 1A1B and 1C.